Green Energy Projects in Sinjai – Sulawesi & Keerom – Papua

Sinjai – South Sulawesi is a city with high produce in both the agriculture and maritime sector, getting ready to be the main exporter in the Sulawesi Region with it’s export quality produce. Its strategic location is an asset of its own and can be utilized to becoming both the main supplier locally and internationally.

Keerom – Papua is a city that has been proclaimed by the President of Indonesia in 2021 to be the national corn granary. With a target of 10.000 Ha of corn farming by 2024 with 6 tons of produce per Ha, opportunities in to lift the economy of the area is widely open.

Supply of Electric Tractors & Electric 3 Wheel Multipurpose Vehicle for Agriculture & Fishery Sector in Sinjai & Keerom (Project Value : USD 40 mio)

In accordance with the target of increasing the volume of the produce in Keerom and Sinjai, AHI has been approved by the local government to supply 1000 electric tractors and 500 electric 3 wheel multipurpose vehicle by 2022.

AHI also has reached an agreement with PT. Hwang So Engineering to build manufacturing and assembly factories both in Jayapura and Makassar by 2022.

Plans of expanding the distribution of electric vehicles and tractors across the nation will help both the agriculture and maritime sectors, whilst supporting the government’s desire of using more sustainable green energy.

Solar Farm (Off-grid & On-grid) + Battery & Charging Station supply for Home & Industry for Undeveloped Areas (Project Value : USD 26 mio)

Electrification of remote areas throughout Indonesia has been a major problem for decades. Currently the government and PLN (state owned company providing electricity) is in need from private owned companies to help accelerate distribution of electricity which in parallel will increase the growth of the economy of that area. For instance Keerom has only 60% electrification where as Papua is 48% electrification.

AHI has set its plan to electrify remote areas in Keerom and Sinjai, and has well received approval from the local government to build an integrated end-to-end system where we will build a solar farm that store it’s power into a Battery Energy Storage System and connect it into charging stations where the local residents can charge their battery boxes which will give them electricity for their daily needs. We have been given a plot of land 60Ha in Keerom not far from the Corn Granary and the remote residential areas.

Biomass waste to electricity plant with the intake of waste produced from the Corn Granary are in plans for 2023.

Development & Construction of Sustainable Architectural Designed Agriculture & Fishery Produce Market (Project Value : USD 5 mio)

Local government of Sinjai and Keerom has requested us to also develop the retail market as the pinnacle of the agriculture and maritime sector.  An Agriculture & Maritime Produce Market is need to collect all the produce and showcase it for the local market. It is set to be the Biggest Local Market in the area and therefore to support the  government’s plans, the building will be designed and Engineered Architecturally to meet the standards of green/sustainable Architecture, therefore creating the perfect place to shop and showcase the best produce by using the space created efficiently.