LNG Bunkering & Fuel Storage Terminal Projects At Marowali – Central Sulawesi

Morowali Regency contains rich deposits of high-quality nickel, a vital material needed to manufacture lithium batteries. Starting in the 2010s and into the 2020s, the thriving nickel industry in Morowali has resulted in a large increase in the region’s GDP. Today the need of Fuel for Industry has increased, therefore Storage Terminals are a huge demand.

Development of Diesel Fuel Storage Tank & Jetty (Project Value : USD 20 mio)

Allied Harvest Indonesia (AHI) recognizes the business potential in Fuel Storage Terminal in Morowali Regency and has formulated a business structure. As part of the strategy, AHI is currently  mapping the potential location for the project.

The Project consists of two business type proposal option,

  1. Dedicated (Storage & Handling fee + Throughput Fee)
  2. Comingle (Throughput fee).

The concept of the Project is to construct new Fuel Storage Terminal to fulfil the increasing  demand in the area. The Proposed Fuel Storage Tank Terminal will have a configuration of a jetty, pipe line, storage tank with a  capacity 20.000 KL,

pump back loading and filling station.