LNG Bunkering & Fuel Storage Terminal Projects At Lhokseumawe – North Aceh

Arun LNG Terminal situated in Lhokseumawe North Aceh was built in 1974 with 3 LNG trains. The plant capacity was expanded in 1982 and 1986 with additional train 4 & 5 and train 6 respectively. Due to declining upstream gas supplies, the LNG liquefaction plant was ceased operation in Oct 2014. Due to Global Warming and  environmental issues, vessels are strictly required by IMO to use Zero Sulphur marine fuel. LNG is the solution to this problem. 

Marine LNG Fuel Bunkering Terminal at Arun LNG Plant (Project Value : USD 34 mio)

In 2013, 1 of 2 Arun LNG terminal underwent modification, to convert the export terminal into LNG receiving and  regasification Facility. The project was completed in 2015. Currently it is receiving gas from DS, Badak and Tangguh LNG  and then transfered to PLN Power Plant(s) in Belawan via Arun-Belawan 24” 350 KM Gas Transmission Pipeline.

Currently there is no more LNG process operation, aside from receiving LNG, the Arun LNG Plant is also handling condensate  S&L from the existing fields (Arun, SLS, Pase and NSO), as well as future gas fields (Medco Block A) by using new  additional 24 Inch loading line + 8 Inch flexible hoses.

Originally, Arun LNG Plant had 6 LNG Trains, 5 LNG Tanks and 2 LNG loading facilities, LPG facilities and also Condensate stabilizing system c/w 4 Large side floating roof CDS Tanks and 42” subsea loading line + 16 Inch flexible hoses.

Conversion into Marine LNG Fuel Bunkering Terminal

The conversion into Marine LNG Fuel Bunkering Terminal is aimed to increase the utilization value of Arun LNG  Terminal, by reutilizing some of it’s idle equipment and land/areas inside the terminal. The Marine LNG Fuel Bunkering Terminal aims to supply LNG as fuel to ships sailing through Malacca Strait.